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At Maycock Eyecare we carry a wide variety of exceptional lenses from state of the art manufacturers such as Essilor, Nikon and Zeiss.

Our opticians will help pair your needs with the latest technology & best materials to give you the best possible viewing experience.

Single Vision Lenses
Provide vision correction for distance, reading or computer. New digital free-form single vision lenses provide a wider, clearer visual field in all directions of sight for those with higher prescriptions.

Bifocals and Trifocals
These designs help correct near and distance vision (bifocals); or near, middle and distance vision (trifocals).

These designs help with focusing at different distances - from near zones for reading, to intermediate zones for computer work, to distance zones for driving. Progressives have a big job to do and each pair of lenses has to be carefully measured and made for each patient. There are hundreds of different types of progressive lenses out there. Our opticians have the skills to recommend the best progressive lens designs based on your prior experience, lifestyle, prescription, and job requirements.

Custom and Personalized Free-Form Design Progressives
These revolutionary lenses eliminate the "swimming" and "swaying" sensations so common with ordinary progressive lenses. For the first time ever, wearers experience wide, disturbance-free vision at all distances.

Anti-Fatigue and EyeZen Lenses
We live in a digital world these days and with the amount of reading we do on computers, tablets and cell phones, many people are finding it hard on their eyes. More and more patients are complaining of eye strain and fatigue. Anti-fatigue lenses are designed to relieve these symptoms. The upper portion of the lens provides perfect distance vision correction. Then there is a subtle change in power towards the bottom to relieve the strain of near work. These lenses, when paired with an Anti-Reflective Coating, offer tremendous relief to our eyes in today's visually demanding world.

Office Lenses / Indoor Progressives
These lenses are true "indoor" extended focus progressives designed for computer users and patients who perform visually intensive work or hobbies. These lenses relieve computer eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision - symptoms that are prevalent among those who suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), or Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS).

Feel free to call us or stop by for a personalized analysis of your prescription today.

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