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Dry Eye Management

Dry Eye Syndrome is a growing epidemic that has eye care professionals around the world concerned. Our doctors are dedicated to help patients that suffer from this very distracting eye problem.

Dry eye syndrome constitutes a lack of lubrication or moisture in the eyes related to a tear film deficiency and a lack of natural tear production. This syndrome can be caused by a wide variety of factors including the natural aging process, over-the-counter cold medicines, contact lens wear and environmental factors like extended computer use.

If you suffer from a scratchy, dry or a burning sensation you may be experiencing dry eye. In order to properly diagnose this problem you should come into our office for a visit with our optometrists. At your visit we will conduct several tests to determine the severity of the dryness. Prescribed treatment will be based upon the particular root problem for your dry eye with medicinal and non-medicinal solutions.

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